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[Vol. 8, No.2, 2006]


Published by
Penerbit Universiti Sains Malaysia

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Volume 8, No. 2, 2006

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Title: Knowledge-Building in an Online Environment: A Design-Based Research Study
Author: Qing Li
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Title: Seeking the Recipe for Success in Distance Education: Lessons from a Nutrition Course
Author: Norman J. Temple, Wendy A. Benson, Joy H. Fraser and Wendy C. Kemp
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Title: Insights into a Distance Learning Programme: Participatory Reflections and Reactions
Author: Chan Swee Heng and Wong Bee Eng
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Title: A Critical Study on Gender-Bias in Objectives of Open School Learners
Author: Kashinath Chakraborty
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Title: Information Technology in Distance Education: Challenges and Strategies
Author: Zuraini Zakaria and Noresah Mohd Shariff
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Title: e-Learning Design for Localisation and Personalisation
Author: Gordon Joyes
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Title: Learning at a Distance is Just Not for a Plea for Knowledge... but Continuous Support
Author: Hisham Dzakiria
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